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Saturday, April 30, 2011


ok so we didnt have power (a common occurance here). so i couldnt update you all.  our court date was postponed til this coming Wednesday. pardon my lack of perfect typing but im in a rush here. the boys and daddy are wrestling and tickling behind me and i can barely hear myself think over the giggles.  We are regularly called Mommy and Daddy now by both boys and we are learning basic Ugandan words to help w/interaction.  they have a pallet on the floor with their own mosquito net and have slept well there. we are SO glad they arent in our bed anymore~

just a few photos. today saturday was been nice and quiet for the most part.  yesterday however was pretty exciting with the riots in Kampala (check the news online if you missed it) we drove into Kampala just as it was getting started. at one point we drove past a crowd with people running etc.  then the entire time we were in the city, our driver was getting calls to update us on the situation...it got worse all throughout the day.  We were at the IOM --a required dr.s appointment for the Embassy. Our dr was stuck in all the traffic so he was hours late and we didnt get seen until after the office usually closes for the day.  then on the way home we saw everything smouldering on the sides of the highway (i use the term loosely but that's what they call it).  lots of police patrolling etc. there were empty tear gas bottles etc.  good times. we were not afraid though. we knew that this is God's timing and if He sent us now then we will be protected now.  Also it was a blessing that the court date was postponed bc Friday would not have worked anyway with the riots etc.
their preferred method of sleeping is on Momma.  I usually have to lay with them to get them to sleep for nap or nighttime.  they are potty trained but have each wet the bed through their diaper at night!  we bought better diapers today.
 they clap and sing "yum, yum" when it's time to eat.  they make sure the other one has enough and share food and milk, except when they dont, and then they fight (normal brothers!)

yes this is an anthill

twins? could be. in case you are wondering they are both right about 30lbs. they can wear size 3T just right now. 2T is too short sleeved and 4T is too baggy. They are skinny but LOVE -cant stress that enough- to eat so may likely be fatter when we return home
. Hayden is on penicillin for an infection. And now that he trusts us is very good about his meds.

look mamma

getting a new perspective

sleeping during our 3.5hr wait at the Dr's. they nap everyday for hrs and sleep throught the night!! u cant see it but Norm&I are both doing the happy dance!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Accomplished more today. just photos for now

We may have a future star on our hands

biting his new glasses and cuddling his bunny in his sleep

Guitar time w/daddy. Hayden really got into it.

our bed. yes we all slept on it last night. they did great. slept straight through and didn't cry when they woke up.

they took a 3hr nap today

sporting his new shades

just for fun

future team mates

view from our balcony.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tougher day but still good

We met the guardians of both boys today for a preliminary meeting; just to see each other.  They are very happy that we will be taking the boys.  Then we went on a long bumpy traffic filled ride to Kampala.  Both boys slept on the way.  One boy barfed on the way back... :(
Nothing like breaking us in gently!  The lawyer was not angry even though he has a nice car with cloth seats :(
The boys and daddy played outside after we got home w/the soccer ball. They are quite athletic and very coordinated for 2yrs olds!

John/Hayden was having a very rough day and was crying and asking to be taken home after we got back and he had a bath.  he went and found his sox and shoes and acted like he was going to leave by himself (which there was no danger of bc the yard is gated) but we let him be at just sit and watch while we played w/Benny close by and he eventually took off his socks and shoes and decided to stay a while after all. He cried a long time today and at one point "Benny" as Ebenezar calls himself was concerned and he was cooing "Johnny is okay is okay" at that point he's been crying quite a while and when I heard that sweetness I lost it.  It was a precious moment.

They look out for each other very well making sure that other one has enough and gets the same as they get.  They were introduced to their stuffed bunnies today which was a hit.  John was comforted and Garak/Benny used his like a hammer to beat up daddy and laughed at every feigned over reaction from daddy.  Johnny only wants me and is a bit wary of Norm. 

We had a stressful time in Kampala and did not have any progress really.  We are going back 1st thing tomorrow so the boys are sleeping here so we can leave early enough to make our appointments.  PRAY for sleep tonight&success tomorrow&safe travel (you'd be shocked at the driving if you've never been here)&that John would trust us more and feel better.

Monday, April 25, 2011

2nd day: doctors then play

We started the day by being given a local (pay as you go) cell phone to borrow which was a huge blessing to be able to call the lawyer and also Elizabeth.  We made arrangements to pick up the boys and also to have the lawyer stop by for our first meeting.  We gave the boys stickers today as you can see.  They were more than a little excited about those.  Also toy cars sent along by gramma Brimer.  It took about 2 seconds for them to start saying "vroom-vroom" and driving the cars everywhere.  We took John (in blue and white strips) to the dr's today and got penicillin and creme for his skin.  He has an infected spot on his arm which is not looking too good.  He hated taking his medicine today so you can pray that it gets easier.  At one point John just fell asleep in my arms and took a nap.  We are going to Kampala tomorrow for some adoption business stuff.  Our lawyer is driving us. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lunch time.

Easter Lunch.  We had just met at this time.

First Moments Together: Easter Lunch

Having fun playing scoccer.

precious images from today

These are the boys after we said good bye.  We played for hours & then walked them home.  Just after I snapped this photo, John (on the right) let go & broke into a run back up the hill towards us.  Then Ebenezar followed.  We met them halfway & gave hugs & kisses reassuring them -as we had before we said good bye- that we would come for them tomorrow & play again.  They were very reluctant to say good bye.  Ebenezar held me a long time leaning in for as long as he could.  In short, our day could not have been better.

John loved to play with blocks

Both boys loved to play with daddy.  They went from shy to exuberant in short order.  They spoke the universal language of the ball.

Happy Easter! Safe and sound.

We are well rested after breakfast today & using the internet on our host's laptop at the dining table.  We arrived here safe & sound after long flights.  We originally thought we had long layovers but they were used up by the delays we experienced.  Our flight to Amsterdam was 1hr late leaving bc of food not being ready & then to Entebbe 1hr for replacing the computer that controls the wings.  Our ride was waiting for us and the ride to his home was on a nice paved road.  Our room is great!  We took hot showers this AM after sleeping on a soft bed under a mosquito net.  We're feeling very blessed!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Heading out

Adventure time!  Please pray for travel to be smooth and sleep to come easy on the plane!  Our flight leaves at noon-ish today.  We can feel you all with us is spirit.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preparing to depart

Well, it's really happening.  After all this time we are actually leaving for Uganda tomorrow.  All is set and the bags are packed.  The stuffed bunnies are waiting to meet their new little owners.  We will keep you updated right here so be sure to tune in daily :)

Remember that we will be 7 hours ahead of you while in Uganda.