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Sunday, October 30, 2011

we'll be right back...

our internet has been down and I am in NY w/my dad's family for the weekend. hope to have more updates and pictures soon. some of you have actually been missing our daily blog which is so humbling and sweet...thanks. we'll be back soon I promise!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

a few fun shots

Molly's not the baby any more

we had such fun Sunday night!

Thuggin' it

it's fun being "mechi"

family finger painting

all 4 of us took to the kitchen floor for finger painting

I hope it's really washable bc Garak's pants were covered!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

go here for more great photos from this weekend


I know you mostly want to see photos. I want to write words too but that will come at some point. For now, enjoy these.

somebody get this kid an agent!

could he be any cuter?...no!  future fireman's calendar model? maybe

hakuna matata


Our boys have now watched the entire movie The Lion King.  This was a big favorite of mine and also one they could relate to as far as the music and animals.  They watched it in short chunks and they LOVE the song Hakuna Matata. [Also they probably knew the word since Swahili is used in Uganda as well.] Hayden danced to it after nap yesterday and it was one of the cutest things I have seen to date (and that's saying something with the quality of cuteness we have going on in this house!)  They were singing it all evening as a result and at dinner Hayden said "Hakuna Ma-daddy!" it was so cute bc "Tata" is Lugandan for "Daddy." I love how he plays with language!!
By the way back to our angelic children, I made mackerel and shrimp curry last night and both boys ate it up just like Momma and Daddy did over rice with lemon juice over the top and sour cream on the side.  LOVE IT!!
btw: more photos to come. I am still sorting the 800 or so taken this weekend (not kidding)

Friday, October 7, 2011

we should have noting but geniuses

There's a quote I saw presented w/children's artwork once that said something like "if all children lived up to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses"
Here are some examples of our little budding artists genius :)
Yesterday we used watercolors for the first time with outstanding results.
purples "H's" made by Hayden

writing his name

Garak making circles


hayden's on the left

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

more happy family photos

the town park is on the ocean
whatchu talkin' 'bout?
1st rock skipping lesson
comfy in their new climate
walking in the ocean with sneakers on. they both did so. following daddy's example
played a game w/daddy with crab apples at this little inlet
throw the apples and watch them float and then daddy grabs them and hands them back b4 they float into the ocean
Following daddy on an adventure!
the one shot with Mommy. it was pretty nippy
drawing in the sand
presents Mommy's friend Grace send off the registry!

They are SO SOFT!! we love them thank you!!
real sheepskins from great-gramma Proch. this was his initial reaction seconds after he opened the pkg

perfect! they love them!

after bath last night they just wanted to cuddle into these!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

photo: instant MOM

I love this one. this is just a few days after we got home.

need a caption for this photo

they say a picture's worth a 1,000 words.  what words does this elicit? please participate! write your caption in the comments and hit "post"

Mommy, Johnny lika mechi!

Mommy, Johnny lika mechi! --said during a playdough session! YES! it is a breakthrough! I replied, "isn't it FUN to be messy?!" Followed by "Johnny lika big BIIIG motocahs!" He was cutting cars out of playdough with a cookie cutters at the time.  Some kids talk a lot and some barely at all. I have talkers. Which is fine by me.  We have that in common.  I find it amusing how they need to narrate each and every activity as it is happening and then summarize and re-tell what just happened adding commentary.  btw: I know some adults who do the same thing and I'll admit that I find it less endearing when they do it;...lol.
Sometimes we think they are really just dark-skinned Italians. Garak often enthusiastically exclaims during meals "Itsa gooda!" when asked how he likes the food.  We're loving every little phrase at the moment.  Pretty darned cute!  Not that you haven't heard this before but really really believe it when I tell you; you don't need money to make your kids super happy!  Mine are currently playing with playdough that we made using [cost = a few cents], disposable utensils that come with take-out, cookie cutters and are using empty Airborne cylinders for baby rolling pins.