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Friday, April 13, 2012


A few sweet things to share are below:

Beautiful Katie at Fort Knox
This morning I was getting ready while the boys read books in the hallway.  I was standing in the hallway but looking at my self in the large mirror that hangs in our bedroom.  Hayden questioned what I was doing and I replied that "I am looking in the mirror to see if I look good."  His reply, "Oh. okay.  Yes, you do look good."  Angel boy!

Joel-6  Meredeth-5  Garak-3  Hayden-3.5
Today we went to Fort Knox (no, not where they keep the gold).  It is a huge colonial fort that never was used in a war so it is very well preserved and a great place for climbing etc.  We had quite an adventure climbing and discovering storage rooms and passages [where Hayden and his cousin Joel got quite a scare when someone unexpectedly answered their echo calls into one of the dark tunnels!] and catching views of the ocean.  Hayden and Garak and I rounded one corner and Hayden exclaimed, "Woah this is CHO big!  This is what God made [just] like [how He made] the yellow one (referring to the sun)"

When they walk on the wooden floor w/just socks on, they will say, "this floor is so sleddy"  sometimes they pretend to be the Bruins. very cute to watch.

Today at lunch Hayden was pushing out his belly as far as he could and said, "my belly is cho big!"  My reply,  "then I guess you don't need anymore food."  His immediate response as he sat back to normal size in his chair was, "my belly is so small."
running along the top of a wall Garak on the left
There is a horse who lives down the street.  He came running up to our car (as close as he could through the fence) as we returned home today to greet us and so we rolled down the windows.  He blew at us a few times like horses do and Hayden said "da horn-see made a noise like a motocah!"

When eating hard boiled eggs.  "I see you baby egg."  they both say to the yoke.

View from top of fort w/Bucksport in back.
And my personal favorite --The Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door this AM and rang the door bell.  I was still getting ready to go.  We were in the upstairs hall and we could see them but they weren't really looking in to the house so they didn't see us.  Both boys were looking down at them through the railing and Hayden said, "Those are NOT our friends!"  I agreed, "No they are not" and Hayden said, "They can't come in."  I ignored the doorbell on his recommendation.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

"I Am You Chocolate Shumbunny"

Garak welcomed Easter morning with an aria of his own composition starting around 6am.  Happy Easter!  So he and Mommy had a little talk about being nice to our brother and parents who may not want to hear loud singing while they are still trying to be sleeping.  He was a very joyful child all day but especially in the morning when he and I were getting ready for our day. 

Those of you who don't watch Veggie Tales may not completely appreciate this sweet little story I am about to tell.  There is a song called "The Bunny Song" on the episode "Rack, Shack and Benny" where the characters eat chocolate bunnies and don't listen to their parents and get tummy aches. (Such a fitting story for today!)  So, in my cuddling w/the boys I have always given kisses on their necks and pretended I was eating them all up "for sweeties."  Since they watched the aforementioned episode though, they have been my chocolate bunnies who I eat all up until I get a tummy ache and they LOVE it and think it is SO FUNNY or "cho fuuny" as they say.  Also Garak calls rabbits "Shumbunnies" because of a book about bunnies we have that starts each sentence with, "Some Bunnies do... and Some Bunnies have..."

So today Garak had gotten himself all dressed very quietly after our talk and I was putting his shea butter lotion on his face and brushing his hair while he was sitting up on the counter.  He looks up at me and says, "I am you chocolate Shumbunny!" with the sweetest grin and an invitation to eat him all up.  Delicious!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happier Easter

Our 1st day together.  Last Easter.  There aren't words to express what's in my heart as I reflect back over this past year.
Since last Easter the name of this blog has become a reality at our house.  We used to talk about Uganda more and remember life there a bit better than we do now.  We are settled here but we have not forgotten -nor could we ever- what it took to become the Brimer Party of 4.  Every family is a miracle -this I know- but ours, well it was created by a long series of miracles that continue to this day.

 Last week we watched a presentation shown by a man we know who just got back from Malawi (which is near Uganda in Africa).  The images of the children in tattered clothes brought me right back to Uganda in my heart.  I looked down at Hayden who was sitting on my lap and asked, "did you and Garak used to have broken clothes like that boy?"  His sweet little face which already was very seriously studying the photo looked up at me and said gravely, "Yech and we was cho bloken too"

we was so broken too

I was speaking to a friend last week after the impact of the Malawi presentation and I said something about not needing to live in constant guilt because we can't control it that we live here and they live there. [I am not heartless, please know that it was a very long conversation and I am only telling you the end.] His response has been haunting me ever since.  He said something along the lines of "to a people so blind to the needs of others and living so comfortably while others struggle to make it through the day, maybe guilt is just what we need to feel."  I had to agree.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Garak's Birthday took a week

Garak's birthday fell on a Tuesday so he opened a gift that day of a new book and I read to him before work. Hayden got a new book as well and we all sat and read both books before work.  --Incidentally Hayden had stellar behavior about it not being his birthday and was genuinely excited for Garak.  Hayden did receive several smaller gifts and was very content with them.  He mention that he would like it to be his happy birthday cake a few times during the week but didn't cry or get fussy about it.-- They split a cupcake for snack that day.  Then Wednesday they each opened one book also.  Thursday was the big day since I was off of work so they were told it would be Garak's happy birthday after nap time when Daddy came home.  Thursday they opened a few gifts until Garak wanted to be finished so he could get down and play. And so we saved the rest for Friday.  They were excited all morning Friday so I let them open one thing each at snack time.  Friday after nap we finished up the gifts.  SO it was Happy birthday week :)

During nap Thursday I set the dining room up.  Just before the party I brought Garak into the room w/all the gifts and said "Look Garak what do you see!?"  His happy response "a smail![sic]" {can you find the snail? talk about not seeing the forest for the trees!}

his responses were photo perfect. a VERY thankful child

he sat in awe of this large gift for several seconds before finally starting to open it.