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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's tomorrow! It happened!

it all seemed so far away not long ago. so hard to see in the distance

Near the end of GROUNDHOG DAY when the spell is finally broken, Phil exclaims in shock and disbelief, "It's tomorrow!  It happened!"  [If you haven't seen the movie, WHY NOT!?] I can relate to him in that way because a year ago this felt impossible. I couldn't really picture ever getting to this point in the journey but it is happening...soon!
On June 12th Norm and the boys and I need to show up at the probate court.  We don't need to do anything else hard.  We don't need to walk for hours in the sun to track down some essential but here-to-fore-non-existent document.  There won't be any delays.  The judge won't just blow us off.  She will show up with all the paperwork we need to have that day in handWe will walk out of the court as legal parents to our boys and have U.S. birth certificates for them. Does that seem surreal to anyone else?
nothing left to do but rejoice! can that be true??
Now faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for and the EVIDENCE of things not seen.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I almost almost love you

Garak's new thing is to be "almost almost" ready or "almost almost" finished w/things. So today he comes and gives me a big hug and declares wholeheartedly, "Mommy, I almost almost love you!" He said the same thing to Glama Brlimer at dinner tonight!  Also at dinner he hugged gramma's hand to one side of his face and my hand to the other side and asserted, "I love eeeeverybody at my house!"

Also after a particularly dramatic (on Hayden's part only) time out today, Garak welcomed Hayden back into good standing by asking enthusiastically, "Are you ready to be nice boy? okay COME! play w/me!"
So today we are driving along and I see a woodchuck walking near the side of the road and so I ask the boys, "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" and Hayden immediately pretends that he sees a turkey out the window and {in the same rhythm as the woodchuck tongue-twister} says "turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey!" soooo funny!  I love how he plays with language! he is so verbal and "gets" a lot of jokes and funny things.  btw he had never heard that tongue twister before to my knowledge.

Monday, May 7, 2012

brothers found

 a little crocy-dia-ow drlinking Chai. yum!

ROARRRR! SNAP SNAP! (captioning for this photo)
Yesterday the boys went to Children's Church and Garak reported at lunch that "shumbody was mean to my bruh-jer and maked him feeel chad an' 'fraid!"  [now this was said in the most dramatic tone he could muster with facial expressions to match]  He was very distracted by the event and kept talking about it.  Instead of his usual exhaustive before meal prayer about everything he has in his line of sight, he prayed, " Tanty You Jezuch dat shumbody was mean to my bruh-jer and maked him feeel chad an' 'fraid!" It was at that moment that Hayden realized that he was Garak's brother.  Garak was praying for him!  He already knew that Garak was his brother.  He tends to be quite protective of him, in fact.  There was a definite difference in Hayden's mind though when Garak demonstrated concern and took a protective stand about him and his feelings.  He was Garak's brother.  {it's that feeling you get when you know that the person you feel that way about feels that way about you too!} It was very sweet.  He started grinning and questioned Garak, "you bruh-jer? are you say, you bruh-jer?  Garak?  Hayden is you bruh-jer?"  As the realization washed over his face that we WAS indeed Garak's brother not just in word but in action [that Garak cared about him and had his back] he joyfully declared, "I am Garak's bruh-jer.  Garak ijy my bruh-jer!"  He repeated the phrases all though the meal and seemed happier each time he said them.