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Thursday, June 28, 2012

nothing left to do but live

breakfast of ducklings

staying in character

fun in the sun

biggie boys

what to do when it's too hot to eat? have a picnic in the basement at the boys' table

backwards (of course)

Hayden the engineer

hanging out at the park

this is the life!

watch our court hearing by invitation

our court hearing is ready for viewing. for privacy reasons we aren't going to make it public on the blog or youtube. If you want to watch it comment here or on fb. I will need your email address in order to send you the link. thanks

Friday, June 22, 2012

when I get bigger

Hayden is and has always been obsessed with getting bigger and bigger and bigger (as he says it).  Yesterday I overheard "When I get bigger I will be a yellow boy and drive a BIIIIIG boat."  Garak thought that sounded funny so he decided he would be orange and then blue and then purple when he got bigger.  Hayden mentions becoming yellow {referring to skin color} fairly often.  Garak never does until the list of rainbow colors he came up with yesterday. 
Today Hayden woke up from his nap talking about how he had dry pampers again and that he is almost bigger and almost doesn't need pampers anymore.  Then he started in again on one of his imaginative ideas of what he'd do when he gets bigger and bigger and bigger.  He will be a daddy and have 2 boys and he will need a car --a BIIG car-- so he can go and drive and get his 2 boys and bring them home to his house.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

the petitioners as introduced by Garak: Garak, Hayden, Mommy, Daddy


it's official.  old names out. new names in.

Judge Garak say "order in the corn!"

Judge Hayden says "order in the court!"

my name is Hayden
my name is Garak

the boys each signed their own documents

Friday, June 1, 2012

activate the emotion chip

Norman and I have noticed something lovely in the past several days.  Our already delightful children have taken their sweetness to a whole new level.  I'm not saying that we enjoy the manner in which they express every one of their emotions, but I am saying something very significant in our family's development is happening.

Think about yourself for a minute and when you express yourself emotionally.  It is either when you are alone or when you are with someone who feels really safe to you.  With that person you know it is okay to fall apart, act on the ugly that you feel inside or love with abandon because you are confident that you won't we rejected for your outburst.  Love casts out fear.

Lately our boys have been much more expressive with their dislike for things resorting to tears more often than in the past.  Yes, this is a positive thing.  The payoff is that they are loving with heartfelt abandon.  Garak especially has been clingy when I leave for work and grabbing my leg when he meets new people instead of his former "every person I meet is my best friend" style.  The best part is that they just want to be held for long soft cuddles by both parents.  There's also a lot of verbalizing (my favorite part of course as the language teacher).  They'll just stop whenever they are doing as if the thought just occurred to them, get up and run to me with arms up and exclaim, "Mommy, I love you SOOOOOOO much and I needa hug you!"  Norman has been reporting the same phenomenon. They LOVE their daddy so much too! [what's not to love?]  Very often they will tell me about what they did with daddy while I was at work and end the story with, "because our daddy is SUCH a nice boy!"

"big as a house"

If you haven't read this book, you will want to.  Long before I knew about my boys, I would tear up reading it.

There are several similar attempts to become something that Momma Bunny can't find

so he gives up and decides to stay a little bunny after all

Yesterday at breakfast Hayden was talking about his favorite subject; himself getting bigger and bigger.  He settled on being big as a house.  Then he puffed out his chest and his cheeks and closed his eyes.  I asked, "Are you a house?"  In a deep voice he replied, "Yes and I don't have any eyes and mouth," squeezing his eyes more tightly shut.  Very distraught I responded to the news, "I don't have any more baby Hayden!    You can't live in our house anymore if you ARE a house.  You won't fit in your bed."  He was very pleased with himself that I was joining in his pretend play and sat up even straighter holding the "house pose".  At this point I started to fake cry, "Waaaaa! I can't have any more snuggles and cuddles from my baby Hayden.  Waaaaa!"  Upon hearing this emotional outburst Hayden dropped the house pose and cocked his little head way to one side with a gentle grin and said in a tone one would use to calm and upset child, "Okay I will no be house only be you big boy Hayden again."  I stopped my pretend crying and grinned with my melted heart and almost cried for real at how sweet my boy is to me.  LOVE that child!  Then we had a very nice big boy and mommy cuddle right there over our porridge.
He will be "big as a house" soon enough.