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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

today in our family's history..1st time we were all together in America

maybe I should have some significant, deeply moving paragraph about how my heart is quivering and my throat gets tight just looking back at these, about how I sit is disbelief as I look back at that 2 month period between arrival in Uganda and arrival in Portland, Maine... instead it seems these images speak for themselves...if this moves you, please pause and give thanks for our blessings and ask that others who are trying to bring their blessings home will soon realize that dream as well
the day after we arrived in Uganda: reunited


barely holding on but our 22ish hrs of plane rides are FINALLY over

straight to the Weathervane from the airport

yay! we're in America!

celebrate with me! I'm home. my life is radically different from now on

tired but joyful with  my loving family around me

no way for him to understand the sweet significance of this image
our house. it's real! not just in the picture book Mommy brought us

our room (look at those baby faces!)

we'll never forget where we came from