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Friday, January 11, 2013

the thinkers

Ever have a moment that leaves you feeling like you must be doing SOME things right as a parent? So at breakfast we are listening to a CD of a Ugandan children's choir that the boys LOVE and they asked me what the song was about. They were singing about God's grace so I told the boys the song was about "how God loves us even when we are naughty so many times and just do what we like, even then He loves us just the same much." I could hardly get the words out w/o getting a little choked up as I said them because it is just too amazing when you realize the truth of that statement. THE BEST part though was Hayden's quick response, "just like you and daddy still love us when we are naughty!" *misty-eyed momma* What more do you need them to know at this age? LOVE IT!!!!

Yesterday I said somethings about having my 2 babies and Hayden protested "no only 1 baby, because I am 4."  I told him that daddy was still Gramma Brimer's baby even though he's all the way big and that he will still be my baby even when he is all the way big.

Out of the blue a few days ago Garak came up to me and declared as if he had it all thought out, "God has the biggest hands.  Even if you are far far away from Him, He can still reach you!"  I was moved by his observation and told him to go tell daddy what he had just said.  He went into the room where daddy was and emphatically delivered his message gesturing with his hand like a seasoned African preacher would.  He often gestures like that when he sings as well.  His Ugandan Jaja would be so proud to know he is following in her footsteps.

Another keen observation from Hayden:  he was asking about shooting a gun to kill a deer when he gets bigger.  I told him that you have to go to school to learn how to be really safe with a gun and if you don't do a great job and good listening at that class you can't have a card that says you are allowed to have gun.  He thought for a few moments and then declared "at that school they tell you" while wagging his finger like an instructor scolding a student, "don't shoot yourself with a gun or you will be dead!"

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