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Sunday, December 25, 2011

3yr olds' 1st Christmas!

 We are settled in. We feel like a family.  Uganda is fading.  It's hold on us is lessening.  The snowy views from our windows keep us in the present.  No matter how many times a day we feel like a normal family and we are just us and this is just how our family looks and this is just the ways normal looks for us, our family is NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE.
  It can not be taken for granted. There is nothing ordinary about this 1st Christmas Day. Neither in what it means to the world or what it means to our family. We are loved. All of us are.  My family, though, The Brimer Party of 4 that we are...We Are Loved! God loves us so much that He gave away His Son for all of us and that's why we celebrate this day.
  Our first Christmas with the boys at home was magical. Like a dream or something you'd see in a movie. The intervention is so clear and so complete. Plucked up from one life and dropped into another. The past is being erased one lonely and fearful memory at a time.
 Sometimes the symbolism really hits my heart: Spiritually we have all been offered a family to belong to and be adopted into which is so beautifully portrayed by our boys.
  It's like the scene in The Little Princess where the 2 girls who are locked in the attic wake up and they are beautifully dressed and sleeping in warm beds with good food laid out for them to eat.   If I could take you to Uganda with me in my heart or better yet if the boys could, they would show you such poverty.  They would tell you of such cruelty and the hard living they have done in their little boy bodies.  It breaks my heart when I look at all the scars that they already have on their skin and I know in their hearts as well. 

To wake up this morning in new beds with toys waiting in packages under the tree and more good food than they could eat ready to serve for a hearty breakfast is more than they could have dreamed of in their old life.
 When you hear something in your heart like I did to go and bring these boys home I had to choose to trust without knowing if it would work. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Childlike faith means believing what you are told is true and living like you believe it.  We have been showered with such love and provision for our children.  We are humbled and very thankful.  Our faith has grown and we hope that those of you on this journey with us have had your faith in God's goodness and planning for each life stretched as well! 
Today Hayden woke up saying he wants to go see Jesus and he's been asking to go all day because he wants to sing him Happy Birthday. Sweet little munchkin, that boy of mine!
Hayden was happy to receive so many new presidents as well today! [he used the term presidents in stead of presents several times today!]
As "Glampa" Proch says, Life is Good. [btw: every time they see a "life is good" mug or tee shirt they say "this one is for Glampa"]
You would have thrilled to see such thankful children.  After just a few toys were pulled from their stockings, they were completely content to just play with those and had to be encouraged to keep digging into the stockings to find more.  They didn't need more. As Hayden put it this morning "Mama, Hayden isa scho HA-ppy!"

Friday, December 9, 2011

ah-ppy buushday tooo dooo!

Hayden's birthday celebration was today. His favorite gift was a guitar. He insisted on playing with daddy for quite a while afterwards.