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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FALLing into family rhythms

the great carrot harvest of 2012. we pulled them up from the garden, loaded them into the dump truck (right of sink) and then scrubbed them in lots of bubbles. Garak's bulging cheek reveals they also were sampling them during the processing.

Beth's farm market. the haystack mountain. such fun!

I'm this big, really. not pretending. are you kidding me? (Hayden says this fairly often)

we built this w/Mommy!

even Hayden puts his clothes on backwards sometimes still (for Garak it is a daily occurrence) this is rare shot where the roles were reversed

riding bikes and visiting w/grampa Proch on speakerphone

Grampa, when are you coming?

look at me! I have a big bike! [they like to show people on the phone what they are doing assuming that they can see it all]

we jumped in the leaves!!

and then threw leaves at daddy!


Garak LOVEs his pumpkin