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Monday, October 29, 2012

long time ago in Muganda

1st day we met him
tonight I was cuddling Garak after books (during Hayden's last potty attempt of the night) and b4 the final tuck-in and i rocked him a minute repeating in a sing-songy way "I love Garak. he's such a nice boy"
then he (was on my lap looking up at me and grinning) came up with a different tune than I had used and sang me a sweet song right off the top of his head "Mommy is a girl. I love HIM. such a nice girly. I love HIM!"When I told him that I loved the song he replied, "I had that one long time ago in MUGANDA."
best song I've ever had sung to me before bed, hands down!

both boys refer to things that happened "long time ago in Muganda" <-- Garak
"when I was a baby in Uganda" <-- Hayden
1st day we met him
mostly they are made up and completely impossible to have happened when they were babies but very cute to hear and also very cool that they know where they came from. Isn't that such an important part of becoming who you are?

Today they met a couple from Mulawi, Africa and when the husband asked Garak where he was from, he fired back without any hesitation, "I'm from Uganda!"

Not sure why Hayden seems hesitant, but he has dramatically opposed meeting people with brown skin a few times recently (today included).  We'll see if he can express why at some point.
last week at a hayride

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