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Sunday, January 13, 2013

da peep peep

This was writtn months ago and I am not sure why I never published it but it is a cute story.

Hayden is an inquisitive thinker and his ability to think things through is quite impressive to me.  I enjoy our conversations as he figures out why things are the way they are.

Here is one especially endearing example:
I was giving them their snack before I send them down for their Sunday School class
the pastor was walking past us and Hayden asked,
"what to do in your class up here?  What will you teacher say to do?"
I answered that God tells our teacher what to say and we learn what God wants us to do.  I gave a few examples like "to be nice friends" and "do good listening" 
I added that sometimes even big people who know what to do right still do bad things and just do what we like to do even if it isn't a good idea.
Hayden was thinking about what happens to him when he does NOT do good things and asked
"God tells you to make us sit down w/the peep peep (timer).  What do YOU have to do? Because you don't sit down for time out."
GREAT question! I told him that even though we don't have to sit down for a timeout, sometimes we don't get good things because we have bad ideas and do just what we like to do.  Sometimes sad things come and we can't have any fun.

The next day he says at breakfast:
I had a dream about daddy and God
Daddy wasn't going good listening and God told Daddy
to sit down with da peep peep.

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